This is a new venture, to help those around the world share their stories, their lives, and in doing so help others.

Why did we decide to do this?

We have found through our own blog and writing that we have helped people understand our particular mental health issue, some have contacted us to let us know that what we write helps them understand a friend, or family member, dealing with similar issues. Some tell us that our words have helped them get through another day. Simply by sharing our lives we have inadvertently helped people. We want to do more.

We want more people to come together and share their stories, their art, and their writing. A place where people can come anonymously, or publicly.

If you struggle with mental health and have something you'd like to share, let us know. It can be poetry, a story, artwork. We want to form a collective of people to both share and help create this website.

Our planned launch date is May 2012. We realize this might not happen the way we want, but we can hope.

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