Creative Therapy Information

Everybody at some point in their life deals with difficult situations that can be taxing to thier mental health.

Creative therapy is sometimes used in conjunction with talk therapy (psychotherapy or counseling), or sometimes independently, by people who may be dealing with difficult issues as some point in their lives. Different creative mediums can connect your unconscious mind to your conscious mind, helping memories and feelings bring themselves to the surface, making them more accessible and easier to work on.

Creative therapy is used to express what is inside your mind, to help others understand your experiences, to communicate your feelings and inner world , which is unique to everyone

Standard therapy often includes a lot of talking. Sometimes people find it difficult to find the "correct" words, or may find it hard to express their thoughts and feelings appropriately. "Normal" therapeutic measures are difficult for some, may feel like a challenge, may not be enough. Working through art, writing, music and movement, creative therapy, can offer a new dimension to ones life, help gain perspective and assist in releasing pain, fears, anxiety. Creative expression can release the inner pain, confusion and happiness.

Anybody, anywhere, can find a way to use creative therapy, a person does not have to be artistic, or an art expert to express themselves artistically. You don't have to be wealthy to take advantage of the positive effects of creative therapy. Any number of mediums can be used, from a very simple pen and paper, to using tactile products such as clay; your own body for dancing and singing. 

DISCLAIMER: This information is not to replace advice of that given by a therapist or professional.

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