What Is This Site?

This is the future home of a mental health awareness and a creative therapy campaign, a place for people to come together and share their stories of struggles, battles, survival, conquers and more, with mental health.

This is a future hub for blogs being written about mental health issues around the internet, to be collected and shared with the world.

This is where creative therapy comes to the forefront, as an effective way to help overcome struggles with mental health.

The people who share their stories, art and words here are not ill, they are powerful, they use words and creativeness to help fight their battles. They deserve to be heard and respected.

This is a newly established blog/website, started February 2012 with a hopeful official launch to be in May for mental health awareness month.

If you are interested in being
a) listed in our upcoming hub
b) in being a "member" or direct contributer to this blog because you don't want to maintain your own, or only have a short story or poetry to share, and nothing more
c) are interested in getting an upcoming subdomain that can be used as an address for your current blog.
 (example: yourblog.frankmentalhealth.org

Please contact Frank et al at:  justcallmefrank2010 (@) gmail.com (link kept apart to prevent bots from spamming us)

to contact Frank Mental Health

or locate Frank on:
If you have any questions you can also contact us at the above addresses. Please expect a slight delay at times in response, but know we will do our best to reply as soon as we can.

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